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Chronicles of Yria - Lutz

Another character of my upcoming graphic novel, "Myre - Chronicles of Yria 1".
Lutz is a cunning and shrewd kleptomaniac who makes his way as best he can with a fast tongue and an equally fast hand. While his professed trade might be thieving and skulking, he is more adept at running and hiding. Much to his credit, he keeps several large expandable bags on his person for the occasional heist. However, they most often serve as a coat in the cold evenings.
Lutz is a clumsy and self-centered individual. Lutz's world view is extremely insular, as he only ever views events as they pertain to him. Though as skilled as he is at defeating locks, he is not a stalwart combatant. More often than not, a fast exit and a deep shadow are his best weapons when fleeing from confrontation.
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